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Therapeutic Life Story Work for Adopted & Looked After Children and Young People



Arina Ellis

Through delivering Therapeutic Life Story Work ( TLSW) to looked-after and adopted children I help children and young people to explore and understand their past experiences , why they cannot live with their birth families, to explore their present behaviours and feelings and also to look into their hopes and dreams for the future . TLSW sessions provide a safe space for children and young people, so they are seen, heard and able safely to express their emotions whilst making sense of their experiences. TLSW allows children and young people to heal from trauma, abandonment and neglect through play, talking therapy, art/craft activities which is recorded on a wallpaper.  I love therapeutic  play and creative arts and use these tools within my sessions in an age-appropriate manner.

I am passionate therapeutic  practitioner who committed to working in an honest, caring, sensitive,  warm and ethical manner with children, young people, adults and families .

  • I provide  therapeutic life story work  sessions for children, young people and their parents 

  • I provide individual therapeutic sessions for carers and adoptive parents 

  • I provide therapeutic parenting sessions

  • I provide therapeutic play sessions 

  • I provide therapeutic sessions to assist with grief and loss 

  • I provide therapeutic sessions to strengthen the attachment between  children and their carer(s)

  • I provide session to explore child's emotions and  increase emotional literacy  and emotional awareness 

  • I provide sessions to increase self-esteem and self-confidence

  • I provide Individual, therapeutic work with  parents. First, for them to understand their own parenting styles, attachment styles, how and why they parent the way they do.

  • I provide sessions to explore parents and child's  Windows of Tolerance and the tools to increase it. Self-regulation tools. Co-regulation tools.

  • I provide sessions to explore parents’ self-awareness, their ability to attune to their children's  inner life, to soothe (co-regulate) and protect.

  • I provide Therapeutic parenting sessions and support  on therapeutic containment/boundaries, connection between parents and  children and co-regulation .

  • I offer training and support to adoptive parents and carers 

  • fostering and adoption teams

  • teachers and school staff teams

  • I provide concise therapeutic needs reports with my recommendations for adoption, fostering teams,  school SEN teams and the GP

  • I am  an approved therapeutic provider of adoption support under the Adoption Support Fund (ASF) with a number of Regional Adoption Agencies including Adoption South East and Adopt London South.

  • I am a full member of Therapeutic Life Story Work International 

  • I am a full member of Creative Life Story Work (based upon the Rose model of Therapeutic Life Story Work)

  • Parents or Professionals who wish to discuss commissioning work please contact me on:


       Tel: 07711951676      or

       email me at :


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